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 Centralized management of chemicals:

  • Tracking location of chemicals, monitor stock levels and record quantities used
  • SDS Management (24 Languages) provides immediate access to all SDS in case of emergency
  • MINI SDS – 1 page Hazard Assessment – quick hazard information in your own design
  • Printing safety labels (unlimited label templates in any size, shape or design)
  • Providing consistency in chemical usage across the enterprise
  • A complete history of chemicals stored in every facility
  • Reporting tool – export data to Excel XLS files
  • Checking the expiry date and prevent their use if expired
  • Recording the name of the person who used the chemical
  • Enabling easier purchase decisions
  • Container barcoding and RFID tags (Radio Frequency Identification)
  • TOXI database - harmonized classification and labelling according CLP regulation
  • Quick setup – import inventory from Excel files

EUROCHEM CLOUD is here, nothing has changed

We launch a completely new cloud computing application which enables you to access your chemical inventory from anywhere. Now, you can put your entire chemical inventory “into your pocket”! Find your safety data sheets quickly using an integrated search function or bar (QR) codes. 


Why choose EUROCHEM?

There are many requirements for the performance and contents of a chemical inventory system. One of these is an obligation to keep SDSs up to date and complete. Relevant information includes the hazards of the product and recommended precautionary measures. In order to deal efficiently with the comprehensive volume of data, there is no alternative to a digital management system.
The law does not distinguish between users of few chemicals or many, or if the users are on a high or low budget.
EUROCHEM enables everyone to meet the legal requirements conveniently and efficiently. The design of the software meets the requirements set by the authorities, thereby making compliance easier.
When your ambition is to create a safe workplace for you and your colleagues, EUROCHEM will meet all your requirements.
The app gives you a simple overview of your products and their location. If there are locations you need extra quick access to, you can add these as favorites. In addition, you will always see the last visited locations.
You can decide if you wish to see all the products for a given location, or filter out based on for example health risk or fire hazard.
Helps you uncover important risks
With the statistics and filter feature, you can quickly create a picture of what products pose a risk to your business, whether there are products that lack risk assessment or contain hazardous substances that require personal records.
Scan and find
Would you like to know which chemicals are stored in a given location? Use bar or QR-codes to get an instant overview.
Always logged on
After logging on for the first time, there is no need to enter your username and password again.
In short – all the information you need – always available on your smart phone.

Print Labels

Companies with hazardous products and chemicals stored in secondary containers are generally required by regulatory standards to provide labeling for products used by employees. Labelling helps promote a safe work environment, allowing users to quickly identify materials and respond to emergencies.
With EUROCHEM you can print secondary container labels in various sizes from large containers down to small spray bottles. Our designers produced 20+ basic label templates. You can use these basic templates or you may edit any of these to create your own customized label templates.

Container barcoding and RFID

Looking to track container locations and compound usage? Unique barcodes can be assigned to containers when they're added to your inventory. This barcode stays with the container for its life and acts as a unique reference. EUROCHEM inventory system can use also automatic identification with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags which automatically identify and track container through warehouse.

Import/export data

Get started with EUROCHEM couldn't be easier. Our Excel  (Microsoft Excel .xls format) import/export tool lets you bring in your data with a click of a button. In the same way you can use export data tool for reporting.

Share your inventory with other groups

Groups using EUROCHEM can share their inventories with each other. When searching for containers users see results from both their own inventory and those shared. You have full control over how other groups see your inventory

... your digital chemical inventory management system:

Choose the solution that works best for you, based on the number of chemicals in your business. Operates on a yearly subscription basis with four plans to choose from.
- includes 1 user, 50 containers (chemicals) maximum, 0 EUR/year
- includes 1 user, 100 containers maximum, 200 EUR/year
- includes 100 users, 500 containers maximum, 500EUR/year
includes unlimited users, unlimited containers, 1.500 EUR/year
If you have a large number of users and groups in your organization who wish to use EUROCHEM, you may like to consider a site license to buy software and install it on your own server EUROCHEM LS (Local Server).

Please fill in the contact form to take a look at the Chemical Inventory Management System – absolutely free (CHEMAX CLOUD FREE) and without obligation.

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Hlavni text [EN]

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